Child Car Seat

It is required by UK law that any child under 12 years old or under 135cms in height (approx 4ft 5ins) must use an appropriate child restraint - the reason for this is child safety! Visit the Department for Transport website for more details on child seat laws in the UK.We can supply a range of baby/child seats that will ensure you have the correct seat for your child for the duration of your rental. All of our baby/child seats can be requested at time of booking.

A Child seat can be reserved during your booking process by ticking the Child seat or call us on 01803 849348 If you are unsure of which child seat to book, take a look at the below child seat specifications. Child Seats are charged 'Per Day' or £35 per week.

  • Baby Seat - 0-13 kg (Birth to approx 9-12 mths)
  • Infant Seat - 9 to18 kg (approx 9 mths 4 yrs)
  • Child Seat - 15 to 36 kg (approx 4 mths to 11 yrs)
  • Booster Seat - 15 to 36 kg (approx 4 mths to 11 yrs)
  • Baby Seat Birth -12 Months £10 per day
  • Infany Seat 9 to 4 Years £10 per day
  • Child Seat 4 -11 Years £10 per day
  • Child Booster Seat 4 Years -11 Years £5.00 per day

Terms: Please note that you will have to fit the child seat yourself for legal reasons.Child seats are subject to availability, please contact us before travel.